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When the Curtain Falls Lyrics - Greta Van Fleet

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When the Curtain Falls Lyrics

[verse 1]
Well, you feel pretty now..
Now I'm your biggest fan
I saw your picture and it's the best
The finest in the land[pre-Chorus]
Camera likes some action
Words you know so well
You're, in and out of fashion
You know, you would've fell[Chorus]
When the curtain falls
Walk the hollow walls, babe
Once are fairly dull
Girl you light it all
[verse 2]
Well, love you in that music show
Can I ask your autograph
It's so funny at the show, never think baby laugh
Woman crawling cocktails
You cut and go your wings
They all said they loved ya
Didn't they darling?
Well, taking all your things[Chorus]
When the curtain falls
Walk the hollow walls, babe
Once are fairly dull
Girl you light it all
[verse 3]
Well, listen darling
It's been swell
What can I say, you've got it all
You're one with me, ..
But I'm not gonna lie to you
You can choose a little word
Well, as you always do[Chorus]
When the curtain falls
Walk the hollow walls, babe
Walk the valley, doll
Now you light it allGoodbye baby, goodbye
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Greta Van Fleet is an American rock band from Frankenmuth, Michigan, formed in 2012. It consists of vocalist Josh Kiszka, guitarist Jake Kiszka, bassist Sam Kiszka, and drummer Danny Wagner.

They were signed to Lava Records in March 2017 and a month later the band released their debut studio EP, Black Smoke Rising. Their debut single, "Highway Tune", topped the Billboard US Mainstream Rock and Active Rock Rock stations in September 2017 for four weeks in a row. A second EP From the Fires, containing the four songs from Black Smoke Rising and four new songs, was released on November 10, 2017, alongside a second single, "Safari Song".

The band's heavy rock sound is influenced by the work of Led Zeppelin and many other rock and blues acts, with lead vocalist Josh Kiszka having a voice that has been compared to Robert Plant's "husky howl.

Greta Van Fleet's music has been categorized as hard rock and blues rock. Although all four members bonded over blues, each does have their own music tastes; Jake gravitates towards rock and roll, Sam likes jazz, Danny prefers folk, and Josh likes world music. Sam stated that "It's not like we set out to be a rock and roll band, it's just that sound that comes out [when] we get together and play." Songwriting is done by the band as a whole after one of the four members finds the concept for a song. Danny said a lot of their songs are first written in a "folk set up" before evolving into something else.

Greta Van Fleet are often compared to Led Zeppelin. Jake related that he "... went through a year of really intensely studying what [Jimmy] Page did ...", but he has studied other virtuoso rock guitarists in a similar manner, specifically mentioning Pete Townshend. Likewise, on his voice being compared to Robert Plant's, Josh said that Plant has certainly been an influence, "though it's not what I was going for." Stating that he did not even know who Led Zeppelin was until high school, he explained that his singing style came out naturally one day while struggling to be heard over the rest of the band. In a March 2018 interview, Plant cited Greta Van Fleet as one of his favorite young bands, saying "they are Led Zeppelin I" and describing Josh as "a beautiful little singer."

Some of Jake's guitar influences include John Lee Hooker, Elmore James, Bert Jansch, Eric Clapton and Keith Richards. Some of the drummers that inspired Danny are Carmine Appice, John Bonham, Mitch Mitchell and Michael Shrieve. Sam's favorite bass player is Motown session bassist James Jamerson. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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